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(Pocket-lint) - Oh for crying out loud. Pocket-lint just fired up Netscape Navigator and went to visit the Apple Store online (we need some more RAM for our PowerBook G3) only to find that it's down - for both the UK and the US.

What the devil is going on we wonder? Could it be a long-overdue upgrade for the Power Mac G4 Cube? Perhaps the iBook is going to land in another dazzling colour? Or maybe MacPaint is going to make a long overdue comeback?

Whatever the reason, we'll probably all know the answer in less than three hours. By then a big Apple launch event will have kicked off over in San Francisco and no doubt Tim Cook and the gang will have taken the covers off of a new device or two.

The big money is being placed on the unveiling of the third-generation iPad, possibly labelled the iPad HD and perhaps even a new Apple TV box for 1080p streaming.

We're still not convinced though. It's got a whiff of Macworld 1997 all over it. Don't be surprised to see Bill Gates making an appearance - maybe the iPhone is going Windows Phone.

Yeah - that's probably it. Whatever the outcome, if someone could please let us know when it's back up that would be great - 32MB of RAM really isn't enough in this day and age.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.