(Pocket-lint) - Fanboys and fangirls go fetch your tent, some warm clothing and a hot water bottle as you're going to be queuing up outside an Apple Store waiting for the iPad 3 (if it's actually called that) in the very near future.

We now know the 7 March rumour stories were true because Apple has began sending out invites for its next big event, and Pocket-lint's got one too.

And, in a very un-Apple-like move, the Cupertino-based tech giant has even given us a glimpse of the device everybody is talking about. And it looks like the high-resolution rumours were on the money too. Well, either that or someone in the Apple PR team is very good on Photoshop.

If that's not a super high-resolution "Retina" display then we'll eat our hat. And it's a big hat, don't you worry about that.

The invite reads:

"We have something you really need to see. And touch."

Indeed it does, indeed it does. It looks purty.

Pocket-lint will, of course, be bringing you all the news from the event being held in San Francisco and simlucast in London at 6pm UK time, as it breaks. So be sure to check back on the site then for all the juicy details.


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Writing by Paul Lamkin.