More leaked spy shots and purported iPad 3 parts have emerged of late that hint at several different features, both technical and aesthetic, that will accompany Apple's next tablet device.

And now, Japanese parts reseller iLab Factory claims to have linked all of the different leaked parts -including the alleged iPad 3 dock connector, back plate and Sharp LCD panel - to come up with a few key musings.

To begin with, it claims that the attachment screw holes on the back plate are in all of the right places to fit the rumoured Sharp Retina display, which it has pictured lining up correctly. The site also says the new rear of the device suggests that the iPad 3 will be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2, in order to fit in better components and a larger battery.

The dock connectors, sourced separately, also line up perfectly within the casing. And the final revelation is that although the rear camera hole is 7mm with an inside diameter of about 4.5mm - roughly the same as the iPad 2 - it has a different mount form. Taking a huge leap of faith, could we about to see the much-improved iPhone 4S lens appear on the iPad 3?

The team iLab Factory does point out that there is no guarantee the parts they acquired are from an actual iPad 3, they could be from a pre-production prototype, but it's strange to see them all come together so naturally.

Hopefully, we'll only have to wait a few more weeks before Apple reveals all.

What do you think? If genuine, will a Retina display, better battery and better camera be enough for you to upgrade/jump on board good ship Apple? Let us know in the comments below...