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(Pocket-lint) - Images of what is purported to be the back cover for the next-generation iPad 3 have leaked online.

We know, we know - more often than not these leaked manufacturing shots end up being little more than images of knock-off devices that are more iPed than iPad. But this bunch of shots comes from an array of sources, giving extra credence to their authenticity.

First up the chaps at fix-iphones.com have a side-by-side shot of the back of an iPad 2 and the supposed iPad 3 sitting together. Confirmed with "industry insiders in China", the iPad 3 casing is apparently the real-deal and gives us a few clues as to what to expect from the next Apple slate.

There's a smaller logic board mount which could mean a bigger battery and, therefore, a longer standby and operating time. There's also a bigger hole for the camera lens, meaning we could be in line for an improved snapper.

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Finally, because of the altered mountings, the LCD display will apparently be "different".  A higher resolution display has often been touted in the iPad 3 rumour mill.

9to5Mac has a clearer image of the case and has stated that "there are not only a few of these back shells being floated to repair shops, but there are sizeable amounts of these parts being built in China". It says a March launch is on the cards.

ipad 3 leaked pictures suggest improved battery and better camera image 2

The final image comes courtesy of Apple.pro. It has a picture of the outward facing part of the case which backs-up the bigger camera argument. Plus, and this is where it gets really juicy - there's an Apple logo on show, clear as day. An Apple logo! We know - unbelievable. It must be real.

ipad 3 leaked pictures suggest improved battery and better camera image 3

In fact, given the trio of leaks, and the fact that the iPad 3 March launch whispers have gained significant volume over the last couple of weeks - we wouldn't be at all surprised if these parts prove to be genuine.

Watch this space...

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Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.