(Pocket-lint) - Whilst fanboys everywhere sit around twiddling their thumbs (magically, you understand, with multi-gesturing a plenty) waiting for Apple to offer App Store access on its hobby box; a couple of clever chaps have taken matters into their own hands; offering 720p iOS apps on Apple TV.

Using the Seas0nPass jailbreak on Apple's little black box and a hacked-utility by the name of MobileX Steve Troughton-Smith and a developer known as TheMudkip have created "a window manager for iOS that replaces Springboard with the added bonus of letting iPhone and iPad apps run on the Apple TV".

A YouTube video of the modded effort shows the iPad Facebook app, Google Maps, YouTube and Safari all running on the big screen and upscaled to 720p HD as well.

As your TV isn't packing a touchscreen the hack involves some wizardry shenanigans that uses a combination of Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Secure Shell (SSH) and the Apple Remote to control the device. There's also a nice built in menu bar for quick access to the iOS apps as well.

"If Apple isn't going to give us a way to make real Apple TV apps, then I guess we'll have to make one ourselves," said Troughton-Smith.

Indeed. A nice 1080p output hack would be welcome too...

Writing by Paul Lamkin.