Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that the iPad is even greater than the company first thought, after another bumper quarter of Apple iPad sales.

"We thought from the beginning that it would be a huge market, and it's even bigger than we thought. We think it'll be even bigger than the PC market - that's just what I think it can be. It's a huge opportunity for Apple across time." Tim Cook said on the company’s conference call to talk about the latest earnings results.

"We’ve sold 40 million on a cumulative basis. If you forecast out in time that the tablet market will be larger than the PC market. That is not a guidance number, it is just something I believe. There will be many more people that can access it, I think it is a huge opportunity for Apple across time."

Apple sold 11.2m iPads in the last 90 days up from 4.2m over the same period the year before. That’s a whopping 122,000 iPads a day.

Apple added that it earned $6.9 billion in iPad-related revenue too.

The company sells the iPad in 90 countries in around 40,000 stores around the world.

"To put that in some context, we have 50,000 on iPod and 120,000 on iPhone. There are still countries left to do," added Cook.

According to ComScore, a metrics company, 97 per cent of web usage on tablets is from the iPad.

In comparison, according to rough figures, there are just 3.4m Android Honeycomb tablets in use, at the time of writing.