Forget the will it / won't it saga of the iPad 3, there's only one Apple tab that we want to get our hands on and it's the 70-inch Padzilla mod version from Crunchy Logistics.

Blowing the 23-inch Android MegaPad tablet out of the water, the Padzilla is simply a huge multi-touch display with a Bluetooth connection pairing up an iPad or an iPhone for the iOS set up.

The version on show, the 70-incher, is described officially as "very expensive". The price is thought to be around $30,000 - $40,000. We wouldn't even like to imagine how much the 150-inch version would cost; a size the modders say is possible.

If you're not a fanboy, the display can also be used as a display for your PS3, Xbox 360, PC or Mac.

Give Crunchy Logistics a shout if you're interested (and rich) - it says it'll give you a quote based on your custom demands.

We'd demand a nice leather case to go with it. May take a whole cow, but it'd be worth it.

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