Those damned Retina displays, with their lovely high resolution ultra sharp details are causing all sorts of problems with the iPad 3.

According to reports from Digitimes, Apple has cancelled iPad 3 parts orders with a Taiwanese supply chain. The 2048 x 1536 pixel display was turning out low yield rates and could have led to increased costs for Apple. This does mean however that Apple may very well have been planning for an Autumn release for a new generation iPad. 

As is always the case with any Apple rumour, it ain't over until the devices start hitting shop shelves. Whether or not a Retina Display was or is planned for the new iPad is impossible to know until we have one sat in our hands. 

Meanwhile in the Apple rumour-camp, the iPhone 5 launch date guessing game has begun. Telefonica is allegedly prepping for a 12 September or later launch. There is also Japanese site Kodawarisan's prediction of 7 September, which given the site was spot on about the Mac Mini in 2009 could turn out to be right. You never know eh. 

Apple is a big fan of disrupting things around IFA time when competitors are making multiple big releases. Given IFA gets starts on 1 September, we expect things will get exciting in Apple land around then. Last year saw no less than iTunes 10, a new Apple TV and Shuffle as well as iTunes 4.1 and 4.2 being launched. 

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