Although many are keen to herald Apple's iPad and iPhone devices as direct competition to video games consoles, there is one developer who believes that they are not powerful enough to present his games in the correct manner, and thereby dismisses them as such.

Yasumasa Koshikari, the director of Koei's G1 Jockey series of games and the soon-to-be-released Champion Jockey, told Pocket-lint in a one-to-one briefing that although he admires the Apple tablets and smartphones, they can't achieve the quality his games attain on other platforms:

"The team's goal has always been to make very realistic horse racing games, and although the iPad and iPhone are so popular that we cannot ignore them, there is a compromise there," he said.

"To make Champion Jockey compatible for the iPad and iPhone, we would have to make it less realistic [graphically]." And this is something that he and his team are currently unwilling to do.

UK gamers may not be as aware of Koshikari's former games as their Japanese equivalents, but developer Koei (now in association with Tecmo) has sold countless millions of his horse racing simulations in a career that spans over 10 years. He has worked on the Winning Post and G1 Jockey titles over a vast array of consoles, adding Xbox 360 to the mix with the latest iteration, so speaks with considerable experience.

Another possible barrier to prevent him from producing iPad and iPhone versions of his games is that his latest, Champion Jockey, favours motion controls - even though it can be played solely on a joypad. The Xbox 360 version predominantly uses Kinect, PS3 PlayStation Move, and the Wii version uses the Wiimote, just like its predecessor G1 Jockey 2008.

During our exclusive chat, he also told us that he will be looking at the Wii U closely, as is impressed with its graphical capabilities. But, at present, he is concentrating on the current title.

Champion Jockey will be out in the UK on 2 September for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, costing from £34.99.

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