The iPad continues to dominate the market that it virtually invented on its own. comScore stats released point to the Apple tablet claiming an 89 per cent of worldwide tablet web traffic in May this year. 

What does this mean exactly? Well to put it simply, more people browse the web on their iPad than any other tablet, meaning significantly more Apple tablets out in the wild than anything else. But we already knew that.

The US is particularly iPad-centric, with no less than 97 per cent of traffic from the device, the remainder being made up primarily by, you guessed it, Android.

Apple's mobile web traffic dominance doesn't stop at the iPad, take somewhere like Canada where no less than 83 per cent of non-computer web traffic is from iDevices. 

The competition continues to arrive as more and more mobile manufacturers jump on the tablet bandwagon, but it looks like Apple's year -long head start has given them a serious lead. 

ipad takes 89 per cent of global tablet web traffic image 1

So what is going to topple Apple from its throne? Android? Let us know below...