Both customers and Apple Store employees are reporting that Verizon iPad 2s are being recalled by Apple and that in many cases stock is either being sent back to the manufacturer or, in some extreme cases, being halted in transit.

The scale or reason for the recall is currently unknown, but 9 to 5 Mac has been contacted by shop staff and readers alike; "Apple may be having problems with Verizon iPad 2.  I was supposed to receive my ipad2 64gb today but all of a sudden fedex sent it back to apple and said that apple requested it’s return," says one customer.

An Apple Store employee has backed up the recall claims: "Apple has given all the stores a list of serial numbers to scan, if it’s a match we were told to set aside and ship back to Apple, these are only for Verizon ipads," he says.

There are many more complaints from people with similar stories to tell, with more and more reporting that their Verizon iPad 2s have been "turned around" during the delivery process.

Indeed, Apple's own discussion forums are heaving with postings about the recall, which only seems to be affecting Verizon models.

Apple is yet to make a statement, but it could be just a dodgy batch of iPad 2s rather than the whole run. The impact of the recall is also yet to be revealed.

It's not the first time that Apple has had issues with its Verizon-specific devices, it acknowledged a 3G connection problem with the iPad 2 back in April which it claimed to have fixed.

Are you still waiting for your Verizon iPad 2? Have you been affected by the recall? Let us know in the comments below...