You’ve probably heard the dozens of stories and seen the multitude of videos showing under 5-year-olds using an iPad or an iPad 2 with ease.

Apple's seen those too, it seems, and has signed a deal with Toys R Us to sell the newly launched iPad 2 in their stores across the United States.

What the Cupertino corporation probably wasn’t banking on, however, was the giant toy retailer changing the iconic Apple font to something a little more kid-friendly.

In a move that is likely to have Apple brand police seething with rage, Toys R Us has decided to turn to a font more akin to Comic Sans in order to promote the device in store and on its website. It’s even given it a funky blue tint as well.

The “Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery.” message is still the same though.

Perhaps Lucida Grande, the font Apple traditionally uses on the web, is just too scary for little ones and parents looking to spend $700 on them. If so, we suggest labelling your home cinema kit with the font - then you might not find toast jammed into your DVD player.

ipad 2 gets kid friendly logo at toys r us image 2