Pocket-lint has just received email confirmation that its paid-for 64GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 has been shipped, a full week before the originally-quoted dispatch date of 15 April. However, those who also ordered a Smart Cover to protect their shiny new tablet, may have to wait a bit longer for that specific accessory.

Ordered on launch, 25 March, it has taken Apple just 2 weeks to put iPad 2s in the hands of couriers, well within the 2-3 week estimation on the site at the time, and for those lucky to have theirs sent today (8 April), the new date for delivery is promised to be no later than 14 April. As it was previously 26 April, that's a huge bonus, and makes up for the fact that those who ordered on launch can't take advantage of Apple's new Express Delivery service.

However, there is a sting in the tail.

A few days back, Apple informed those that also added accessories and other items to their original orders, that each product listed would be shipped individually, when available. And that, it transpires, includes Smart Covers - which are seemingly in short supply.

That essentially means that, while you might receive your iPad 2 early, you'll have to wait to cover it in the same material that spacemen wear.

Still, mustn't grumble...

have you had you dispatch email yet? Let us know if your Smart Cover is on its way too...