You probably won't find Jordan C's method of marriage proposal in any romance guidebooks, but on a geek scale - we score it pretty highly.

Instead of the old fashioned, traditional (and boring) approach of getting down on one knee and popping the question with a diamond ring, Jordan went for a more fanboy-friendly routine.

He took his girlfriend Jessica to the National Redwood Forest in California and popped the question using an engraved iPad 2 which he had stayed up all night trying to order online.

"After having to cross a river on a downed Redwood and dealing with the intermittent rain I found the largest tree in the world," he said "I kneeled down and gave it my best! Whether it was something I said or Apple’s Magic in action she gushed and said 'Yes, now give me my iPad!"

iCongratulations to the happy couple then. They'll be able to use their new toy for the wedding video.