London has run out of iPad 2s just 24 hours after it went on sale in the UK.

Pocket-lint has spoken to the company’s flagship Apple stores in Regent Street and Covent Garden, and both confirm that they have no more stock.

If you’re hoping that means that there might be stock on Sunday, then don’t. Both stores have also told us that they won’t be getting any more this weekend, with neither of them knowing whether more iPad 2s will even drop on Monday (28 March).

The iPad 2, of course, was (past tense) on sale in other stores. However, everyone we've phoned has also sold out.

We can confirm that PC World and Curry’s on Tottenham Court Road have each sold out, and Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse in London’s Oxford Street have run out of stock as well.

To put it simply, London is dry of the new tablet.

Of course, you could go online via the Apple store, but all models are listed as dispatching in 3-4 weeks.

If you want an iPad and haven’t got one in your hands, then it looks like you’re in for a long wait.

UPDATE: We've now had confirmation from Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol, none of the Apple Stores have stock. In fact, a sales rep in Bristol told us that there's no stock in the whole of the South-west of England. Additionally, all Cancom stores - a premium Apple Reseller in Scotland, England, and Wales - have sold out too.

iPad 2 Regent Street Apple Store queue by the numbers

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