The iPad 2 has finally launched in the UK, and thousands of people up and down the land have been busy buying them online and on the high street.

That's great, but what was the profile of the people at the Apple Store on London’s Regent street? Were they single, did they own an iPhone, did they have a beard? Below are some the answers to these questions and more.

iPad 2 launch by numbers

1 person in the queue confessed to having a Windows Phone.

2 per cent of the queue were 56 and over - the same age or more than Steve Jobs.

3 per cent are donating their old iPad to charity.

10 per cent in the queue owned an Android device.

11 months. That’s the age of Amelias, the youngest to queue at the Regent Street Apple store line - with his mother Inga and Grandmother Vaiva.

13 per cent. The number that will be putting their old iPad on eBay.

14 per cent of the queue were women.

16 - The number of Gigabytes in the most popular iPad 2 bought. 35 per cent plumped for this model.

28 per cent of the queue had a beard.

32 - The number of Gigabytes in the most popular model at the iPad 1 launch.

33 per cent of people were buying the iPad 2 for games.

33 and half hours was how long Jewels Lewis, the first person in line, stood in the queue.

34 per cent of the queue had tried an iPad 2 before buying it.

35 per cent said the iPad 2 was the only gadget they expected to buy in 2011.

43 per cent of the people in the queue were single.

44 per cent don’t own a Mac.

57 per cent of people in the queue bought the iPad 1 for browsing the web

60 per cent were aged between 18-25.

71 per cent of people in the queue had waited for the iPad 2.

75 per cent own an iPhone.

451 people queued for the first iPad launch.

632 people were in the line for the iPad 2 when the doors opened at 5pm 25 March.

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