You must know the deal by now.

Apple announces a magical new product, fanboys spend weeks getting excited and then queue in their hundreds outside the various Apple Stores up an down the country. And Pocket-lint goes along to ask them....why?

Why, why, why? Why must they have the latest iDevice on launch date, and spend umpteen hours in a packed, sweaty queue for the privilege - when they could have it delivered to their doors a few days (or weeks in the case of the iPad 2) later?

And here's what they said.....

Ali Ahmed, 45, North London - Queuing for 13 hours:

ipad 2 queue we talk to the waiting fanboys image 3

"I like to buy the new stuff coming up. I've got an iPad 1 at home, but I'm gonna buy the iPad 2 and give that to charity.

"There are a lot of features that make it better than the 1. The cameras, the speed - there are a lot of options.

"I saw it on the website and it is a beautiful thing. But you cannot rely on buying online as it's just no good."

Kaz Thomas, 28, Hackney - Queuing for 10 hours:

ipad 2 queue we talk to the waiting fanboys image 4

"As long as I can get the iPad for my son, that's all I care about. He's a mini genius. He wants to be a journalist and the iPad 2 gives him the apps and information that he needs. He watches the news and he's 8.

"I didn't bother trying to buy online. It's pointless - I just came down here."

Sam Miller, 18, Nottingham - Queuing for 14 hours:

ipad 2 queue we talk to the waiting fanboys image 5

"I was worried about stock shortages. I got the train down. There are nearer Apple Stores but I thought if I travelled down to London on release day and queue early I'd be guaranteed an iPad 2.

"I was going to get the original a few months ago, but I realised I should wait as Apple is predictable with its release cycles

"I wanted to be part of it. This is my first queue. I've seen them on the TV and videos and stuff and it's always looked cool. There's been free drinks and that, but it's been such a long day and it's a bit boring and tedious now."

ipad 2 queue we talk to the waiting fanboys image 6

The fanboy queue was double-fold in Central London for the iPad 2 launch, as the new flagship store at Covent Garden experienced its first major Apple release.

A tip for future iQueue participants - the Covent Garden queue was a lot shorter and more secure. Plus you get to watch the buskers.

A tip for Apple. Stick to the 5pm launches going forward please. Pocket-lint hates getting up early.