How long are you prepared to wait for an iPad 2? That’s the question you should probably ask yourself if you’re heading down to Apple’s flagship UK store on London’s Regent Street.

Word from our man on the ground is that the iPad 2 queue outside London’s Apple store on Regent Street has already grown to 305 people and counting.

That’s not as many as last year’s iPad final launch queue tally of 451, but with some 4 hours to go and a bright sunny day in London, we’re expecting that number to be smashed later this afternoon.

“This queue is growing at a much faster rate,” Peter Bowles, a spokesman for told us, having collected data on last year’s queue.

Apple hasn’t said how much stock they’ve got at the Regent Street store, but lets hope there’s enough to go around.

And if you're thinking the Covent Garden store is likely to be a better bet - think again, we are getting reports that there are between 400-500 people queuing in the square. 

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