There's a lot of reasons to consider going down to the Apple Store at Regent Street early and getting in the queue.

Firstly, if you're one of the first handful of people near the front then you're more than likely to get your 5 minutes of fame as every media man and his dog (including Pocket-lint) will want to talk to you.

Secondly, you'll guarantee yourself possession of the iPad 2 on launch day.

And thirdly, there will be a number of promotions going on, and you'll be able to nab yourself the odd freebie or two.

One such offering is from gadget insurance chaps Protect Your Bubble, who has just announced (via Twitter, where else?) that the first 50 people in the Regent Street queue will get iPad 2 cover for a year for nowt.

That's worth of £50, and if you get mugged as soon as you come out of the Apple Store with iPad 2 in hand then you'll be laughing. Well, maybe not laughing - but you see our point.

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