Now, we don't want to panic all the British fanboys out there, but speculation is mounting that the international iPad 2 launch, which is due for 25 March, could be delayed due to shortages of the magical tablet Mk.II.

Now, before you get all stressed out and smash your entire iDevice range in frustration, take into consideration that there are two schools of thought for this issue.

The first is that the iPad 2 has been so well received that Apple has simply run out of units. This theory taps into the fact that an estimated 1 million of the dual camera tablets have already been shifted in the States, and there is now a 4-5 week wait to get your hands on one there.

This running-out suggestion also builds on the fact that Apple has stated that iPad 2s will now not go on sale in Japan on 25 March as originally planned. This is down to the crisis in the country however, and not any shortage apparently.

Finally, Apple has history when it comes to delaying products (white iPhone 4, anyone?) and the original iPad's international launch was delayed by a month or so back in 2010 due to huge demand Stateside.

The second school of though, the one that will be much more reassuring for fanboys gearing up for their new tablet arrival, is that Apple would have known just how popular its sequel was likely to be, and would have set aside enough units for an on-time international launch to prevent history from repeating itself.

There's also the fact that there will be a few extra thousand units available because of the Japan launch delay.

The actual outcome probably lies somewhere between the two. We'd hazard a guess that there are far less iPad 2s available for the 25 March launch that Apple perhaps planned for, due to the incredible demand in the States. Plus, Apple has a reputation of looking after no.1, (i.e. the US), before considering other countries.

We'd suggest getting a pre-order in as early as possible, or even braving the queues and camping out overnight beside your local Apple Store, if you really must have the next-gen iPad on launch day.

That way, you might even have the added-bonus of a bleary eyed Pocket-lint reporter sticking a camera in your face as you emerge victorious from the Store, iPad 2 in hand.

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