If you fancied picking yourself up an Apple iPad 2 Stateside, but didn't queue up outside one of the 200+ Apple Stores, or order one early as soon as they were available, then prepare yourself for quite a hefty wait of around 4-5 weeks.

That is the estimated shipping time that Cupertino Computers is stating via its online store, amid reports that there are serious iPad 2 shortages due to the huge demand.

Opening weekend sales estimates (the iPad 2 hit US stores on Friday) range from a conservative 400,000 to a whopping 1 million. The original shifted around 300,000 in its first 24 hours. Forecasters also suggest that Apple will sell a whopping 35 million iPad 2 units in 2011. 

Earlier orders should still match the estimated shipment dates from the time the order was placed (so if you got in when it said 1-2 weeks then don't panic about a 4-5 week delay), the current time frame simply refers to new orders.

Plus UK iPad 2 fans needn't worry - Apple would have set aside a number of units for its global 25 March launch, although Pocket-lint would advise signing up for notification of pre-sale details, and then ordering as soon as you can to avoid missing out.

Or, get down to your local Apple Store at least 10 hours before opening time on the 25th and brave the queues.

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