First generation iPad owners were both bemused and outraged when it was revealed that while iMovie was finally to make it onto the tablet, it'd only be available for the iPad 2. Sure, there's a camera or two on the upgraded device, but you can import video into the original one via the Camera Connection Kit or iTunes, so why not have Apple's official video editing tool?

It was a question asked by German website, who set about finding a way to install it on a normal un-jailbroken iPad and published what it claimed was a fix. It was then re-distributed around the worldwide web by a number of tech sites, including Sorted.

Well, not exactly. You see, as alluring as the headline "How to install iMovie on an original iPad" actually is, it doesn't really work. Not fully anyway.

For starters, if you follow the instructions (which Pocket-lint has repeated below) on a PC, the most likely outcome is that you'll face a pop-up screen that says "Could not install application on device, Error: kAMDReceiveMessageError", and there's currently no way around that, so it won't install at all.

It fares better using a Mac to install it. However, if you do so, you'll meet with a frustrating pop-up in iTunes when you try to sync your iPad. It will claim that the device is no longer authorized to run apps that are on the computer, and ask if you want to "authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes store?"

Pressing "Authorize" will tell you that "this computer is already authorized" and send you in a loop back to the original pop-up.

Pressing "Don't authorize" will delete iMovie.

Pressing "Cancel" seems to work, but you can't then sync any of the content that you store on your iTunes.

In addition, some users are claiming that the app crashes if you try to export video clips longer that about 2 minutes.

It seems Apple was right in saying that it was incompatible after all.

If you're foolhardy enough to give it a go, and have the patience of a saint, here's the instructions. You will need to have iOS 4.3 installed beforehand.

you can install imovie on original ipad but it won t work properly image 3

1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple, for either Mac OS X or Windows, and install it on your computer.

2. Plug in your iPad. Wait until it is completely synced in iTunes. Run iPhone Configuration Utility.

3. Click on "Applications" in the Library menu on the left-hand side, and click the "Add" button in the top left corner.

4. Find your Mobile applications folder (generally inside the iTunes folder) and select the newest update of the iMovie app. Or, on PC, find it using an Explorer window and drag and drop it into the utility directly onto the Applications screen.

5. Click on your iPad in the Devices menu on the left-hand side.

6. Click on the "Applications" tab and scroll down to iMovie, which should have an "install" button next to it.

you can install imovie on original ipad but it won t work properly image 4

7. Wait until it installs (or, on the PC, flags the kAMDReceiveMessageError) and disconnect the iPad. iMovie works... Until you try to sync it with iTunes, that is.

Have you tried to install iMovie on your iPad? Have you even got it working properly? If so, let us know all about it in the comments below...