Adding to the list of possible iPad 2s which will no doubt turn out to be anything but the actual device that is launched at the Apple keynote, this little iPad 2 doppelganger has turned up in China.

We're not sure exactly where in China, as it's by all accounts rather big, but suffice it to say that it is trying to match the rumoured spec sheet as much as possible.

This is due to its slimmer and flatter lines, rear and front-facing cameras and big ol' grill for the new and improved speaker. The sloped nature of the form-factor is very reminiscent of the iPod touch, as it has similar designs for the headphone jack and power button.

However, as you can probably tell from some of the pics, there are certain aspects of the iPad 2 wannabe that don't look, shall we say, polished.

Whether this is a load of old tosh or not remains to be seen, but as the Apple keynote for the iPad 2 launch is just hours away -of which Pocket-lint will be reporting live  - you don't have long to wait.

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