Japanese blog iBlack Box has posted pictures and details of what it claims to be an accurate mock up of the forthcoming iPad 2. It states that the design and build shown in the photos has been recreated by a Chinese case manufacturer to the exact specifications and measurements of the new Apple device, based on what it was told by the Cupertino company.

Certain elements are definitely convincing: It sports a wide speaker grille on the back for enhanced audio - something we are expecting from the real deal - and rear and front facing cameras. Plus, there's a slot for an SD card, which is also something the genuine device is rumoured to have.

However, there's one nagging doubt that we've got on Pocket-lint that just won't go away... It's pig-ugly! If real, it's a marked move away from the sleek lines and rounded back of the original, and looks, instead, to have been trodden on by a rhino.

It may look more practical and industrial, but when have those two words appeared in an Apple presentation before?

Nonetheless, we'll soon find out whether it's a kosher leak or not... Wednesday can't come too soon.

Real or no? What are your thoughts?