That’s right, days before the official announcement of what is expected to be the launch of the Apple iPad 2, some are already claiming they’ve reviewed the iPad 2 from Apple.

Shocking we know, and a shocking trend that is starting to happen as more and more sites try to trick Google into believing they have content that they don’t actually have or couldn't possibly have.

Take Exkild for example, his video dominated the tech sites at the beginning of the week with a spoof video on YouTube claiming to have “hands-on” with the new iPad 2.

Press play on the video (722,214 people already have) and you get:

“iPad 2 review - Hands on - Very thorough and high quality review. ipad 2 review hands on critic apple imac iphone ipod high quality hd eskild e. fors anders øvergaard exkild andyax funny parody lol humor iparody ipun apps angry birds” as the You Tube description would say.

Of course it’s not really the iPad 2, but rather a dude in a beanie hat (not sure what that’s got to do with it) pretending that his 27-inch iMac is the new iPad.

At 6 minutes 45 seconds it goes on rather longer than it should, still he’s done well to get a chuckle. But Exkild isn’t the only one trying to play Google.

allgaminginfo, a kid from somewhere, believes he’s got the inside scoop too claiming to let you in on what the new iPad 2 has and what he thinks of it. Six minutes of rambling later from the kid, in what appears to be his parent’s home office, and you soon realise that he knows nothing. 3D, really?

What about Pubate1 a shark that’s got the inside knowledge and says the iPad 2 will come with USB support. The fact that it's coming from one of the most dangerous creatures of the sea and not a respected tech pundit should give you the answer. Oh dear.

But it doesn’t stop there - Legonut88 a ginger kid also on YouTube, thinks it’s great before revealing that the new iPad 2 is in fact a slate tablet complete with wood finish and microfiber black screen that works well with chalk.

It’s the funniest one of the bunch, but you’ll of course feel cheated ahead of the 2 March media event.

Then, of course, there are the sites that have gone as far as to name their site in the hope that might help them even more; or the ones that will tell you the essential features for the iPad 2 written back when the first iPad came out in 2010.

And that’s before the dozens of sites that will claim to have reviewed it come 10 minutes after the 2 March event has started, let alone finished.

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