The iPad is great isn't it? Well, fanboys say "yay" and Apple-bashers "nay" - we all know that.

But even if you are in the "yay" pack - you must admit that the App Store on board isn't perhaps as user friendly as it could be. The top lists take too long to load and searching for specific apps can become a bit of chore.

But, luckily, Apple has done something about the second problem, by bringing filters into the search mix.

Added to the top of the search results page you'll now see five filter tabs - and a "reset filters" button too.

These filters will let you sort between paid and free apps, apps released in the last 7, 14 or 31 days, apps that are specific to iPads as well as star ratings and the App Store categories.

It's a nice little touch, and one that should have been introduced ages ago. It should be appearing on your iPad now - no software update is necessary.