Now, if this report originated from a less reputable source (say perhaps a Taiwanese electronics newspaper whose name rhymes with WigiClimbs) then we wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. But it's a Reuters report, and as such we'll give it the coverage it deserves.

Apparently (and we say apparently only because there are zero pictures to back up the claim) a next-generation iPad was present at the launch of News Corp's digital newspaper, The Daily, in New York on Wednesday.

A Reuters eyewitness says that the iPad 2 "appeared to be a working model... with a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen".

Then, here comes the killer blow "a source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence".

Now, let's break that sentence down; somebody who knows for a fact that something actually exists, confirms that it does, in fact, exist. Wouldn't it be impossible for someone "with knowledge of a device" to deny is existence, given their prior-knowledge?

Anyhoo, that's just us being pedantic. The big news here is that Apple's new baby was supposedly out and about, flaunting its goodies for everyone to see.

How very Apple indeed, to let a device or two slip (to stir up the hype machine) ahead of a big announcement.