The Daily will not be an iPad exclusive digital publication forever, Rupert Murdoch confirmed at the launch event in New York.

"We've been quite honest with Apple about that," said the News Corp. CEO. "As other tablets get established we will develop the technology to go on them. We expect to be on all major tablets."

Interestingly, Murdoch also hinted that Apple's tablet dominance may diminish by 2013.

"We believe that last year, this year, and maybe next year really belonged to Apple - but that's just a market judgement," he said.

So, was Murdoch's statement a slip of the tongue or a thinly veiled attack on Apple's tablet market share?

We'll have to wait and find out, but Uncle Rupert did also mention a 50 million US tablet owning market by the end of 2011 earlier in his presentation - so it's clear the old timer's been doing his sums.