Who would have thought that it's now been a whole year since the iPad was launched at the Apple 2010 keynote, and so to celebrate the iPad 1st birthday Pocket-lint thought it a good idea to give you a run down of some of the highlights from the last 365 days.

It's been a real rollercoaster ride for the 10-incher, as from the very start it was either being lauded as a great innovation or, more likely, parodied, with the public and industry experts alike claiming that it'll never do no good for no-one. Whatever you think of the device however, the figures speak for themselves as the iPad has now chalked up 2010 sales of 14.8 million.

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Months before the official launch, speculation was rife as to what the new Apple tablet would be called, and as ever Pocket-lint was on hand to give a run down of the most likely contenders. The iSlate, iTablet and Newton touch were all in the running, well not the Newton touch, but we all had our best guesses, what was yours?

As Apple's "iPad" trademark is revealed, we ask what will the tablet be called?

Fanboys everywhere had sweaty palms and glazed eyes as they waited for My Jobs to announce the iPad. We'd love you to show you the whole thing, but this video happens to be much shorter and delivers the Apple message in less than 180 seconds - basically the iPad is "incredible".

Apple iPad keynote in 180 seconds

So is the iPad actually any good? This was the question being knocked back and forth across the virtual web-shaped tennis court at the time of launch. Features aplenty ensued in an effort to get to the bottom of the question.

Apple iPad vs iPod touch

Should I buy an iPad

Gentleman's debate; iPad is pointless piffle

The iPad was always going to receive its fair share of parodies, but Apple's initial advert for the device was so bad that it probably made it an even bigger target. Who else but the Cupertino company could make what is essentially a bunch of electronic components fitted in a shiny box sound like the Second Coming (not the one by the Stone Roses)

Parody of official iPad video

Doritos mocks iPad promo video

Another iPad parody

One area where the iPad has seen massive popularity is as a gaming platform, with app developers as keen as ever to produce high quality content for the tablet. So what games did we see around launch time, and which ones did we think worthy of you time and money? Pocket-lint scoured the app store to find the very best, and featured these two great articles: one for the serious gamers and one for the more casually inclined.

Best Apple iPad games for gamers

Best Apple iPad games for casual gamers

Modding is never very far from Apple devices, as modders, and hackers for that matter, clearly get an awful amount of pleasure from messing with Apple's oh-so-well-thought-out products. For a run down of some of the best check out our feature here.

The best iPad mods and hack jobs in the world

iPad turned into a skateboard

Clearly this is where the iPad's core strength lies; a wealth of apps just waiting to be downloaded onto your shiny new device to aid you in your daily tasks. Whatever you're looking for you'll find some of the best free ones available in the list below, and for the musically minded we've got one for you as well.

Best free iPad apps

Best iPad music apps

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Competition is obviously heating up in the tablet market as other companies look to hitch a ride on the back of the success of the tablet form factor. So as we await tablet launches from CES 2011 to hit the shelves, as well as the iPad 2, here are a few stories that should help you stay in the know.

Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad

CES 2011 Tablet-counter: The score so far...26

Make sure you read out full review.

Apple iPad full review

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