Did you recently read the story on Pocket-lint about the iPad 2 camera clues?

If you did, how closely did you study the iOS 4.3 Beta 2 screenshot that came with the story? If you looked really hard then you may have noticed the date on the calender app - 9 February.

This is the same date that is appearing on so called leaked promo shots of the tablet sequel doing the rounds on the web.

And, with people pointing out that the date on the original iPad promo shots was 27 January - the date it was announced - you can probably guess the rest.

So, could 9 February be the magic date? Apple's attention to detail is usually second-to-none, so if the shots were to originate from Apple then we'd say it could well be.

But, with no definite proof of where the images came from originally - then for now, it's just another addition to the ever-growing iPad 2 rumour pile.

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