A recent survey from YouGov highlights the rise of the two tablet household, revealing that nearly 17 per cent of Apple iPad owners state "that there is more than one tablet in their household, either owned by themselves or another family member".

If there were still any doubts as to the the growing popularity of this relatively new form factor in home computing, this survey should certainly helps to cast them aside - well it certainly helps to highlight the iPad success anyway.

The results from the survey go on to say:

"Whilst 17 per cent of tablet owners currently own another device, almost a further fifth of all tablet owners (19 per cent) are considering purchasing another tablet in the future. Of those existing owners, loyalty is high, with most users stating they will get the same device that they currently use, 71 per cent of Apple iPad owners surveyed will get another iPad".

"However, the lure of newer tablets being released in the future may also drive an increase in the 2+ tablet households with 18 per cent of Apple iPad owners stating that they will purchase other tablets that become available in the future".

YouGov interviewed 4,537 respondents, of which 802 were tablet owners, between 8 November and 15 November 2010. All interviews were conducted online with YouGov panellists