The iPad 2 is coming, that we know.

But what it's coming with is unclear. And whilst we could chuck a few guesses in of the hardware changes that are likely to be included, it's much better to go on some inside info.

And that's exactly what an Economy Daily News report is claiming to have, and it names five new features for the 2nd-generation iPad.

Those features are listed as:

- Video phone

- New display technology

- 3-axis gyroscope

- Better mobility

- USB connectivity

Video phone is a bit of a no brainer really. With FaceTime now on board Mac OS X and the latest iPod touch, it's fairly obvious that Apple will want this on its tablet contender.

New display technology hints at a retina display for the iPad 2, and/or possibly Gorilla Glass.

The 3-axis gyroscope is on board the iPhone 4, so again, this seems like a shoe-in, but what could better mobility mean?

Perhaps it hints at a smaller form so it fits in your pocket. Not likely - it's more conceivable that it'll be lighter, and maybe include CDMA-GSM chip capabilities.

And we'll leave you to work out what USB connectivity means. About time is what we think.

What do you guys think the iPad 2 will have on board? And will you buy one? Let us know using the comments below.

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