iPad 2 owners will have the choice of docking their sequel tabs upright or on its side if a trademark submission to the European Trademarks and Designs Registration Office is anything to go by.

The submission, that has been signed off by both Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ives, shows an extra 30-pin connector dock on the longer side.

This would obviously be very handy for anyone wanting to turn their iPad into a more natural feeling work station, with the keyboard dock, or for movie viewing using an additional speaker dock.

The design sketches accompanying the patent application show a device that appears to look exactly like the original iPad, but it's highly unlikely that Apple would whack the new side dock on a sketch of the finished model, as it would be well aware that their applications make it out into the public sphere.

There's been plenty of rumours as to what the next-gen iPad may include and the side docking port has been highly touted.

And, although not the most exiting addition, it is concrete proof that the next iPad is in the works.

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