Alright, we know that the iPad is super, smashing, great.

But the speakers are a bit naff aren't they? C'mon, even the biggest fanboy would admit that.

And that's why SMK-Link Electronics has come up with its speaker-boosting iPad stand - the PadDock 10.

And, whilst the custom designed 40 x 55mm oval speakers will give you a nice sound boost - the stand will also make your iPad resemble a mini iMac. Double bubble.

The speakers have high-energy neodymium magnets, with a passive radiator that extends the bass, and there's also a class-D amplifier built in too.

The PadDock 10 also lets you sync and/or charge via the mains or USB.

You can also use the stand in portrait mode, but that kinda kills the mini iMac effect.

The PadDock 10 is available to pre-order now and will cost you $99. Shipping is expected to start on 1 November. Get one direct from SMK-Link.

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