With Android tablets flying out from all over the place, there is one tablet that they all have in mind, in terms of the success that they want to emulate, and that is Apple's iPad.

And, with analysts forecasting that Cupertino Computers will shift up to 12 million of the 10-inch tablets this year, and up to 20 million next, the news that Wal-Mart is planning on selling them can surely only mean a bigger catchment audience, and bigger sales.

Currently iPads are only sold by Best Buy and Target Corp. (as well as Apple directly, of course) in the States, but all that is set to change when the tablet hits Wal-Mart shelves on 15 October.

The plan is to get iPads on sale in "hundreds of stores" at first with a goal of 2300 stores in time for Christmas shoppers.

However, those hoping for a Wal-Mart discount will be disappointed, with prices set to be stuck to the same rigid frame as everywhere else.

iPads will also go on sale via Walmart.com, although you'll still have to nip down to the shop to pick up your tablet.

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