At the moment the iPad still reigns supreme in the tablet game.

Sure, there's a new kid in town (Berlin, in fact) that goes by the name of Galaxy Tab, but until Samsung's 7-incher shifts almost 4 million units then the Cupertino contender is still number one.

And that's why, if you own one of the so-called Jesus tablets, you'll want to keep it looking nice and new.

And whilst there are plenty of cases on the market, none are as jaw-droppingly hip as the hand-made, cotton efforts from Atelier Kurth over at Happy Covers.

The lightweight sleeves (less than 70g each) have a Velcro hook and loop system and the makers claim that each one is slightly unique as they are hand-sewn.

Our favourite is the über-geek 3.5-inch floppy disk design. Reminds us of our Amiga days.

The Happy Covers are 23.99 euros each and you can order them direct.