The modestly named Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, Scotland, has become the world's first iSchool - where pupils have no requirement for a pen and paper as they've all been given an iPad.

The 105 children at the school, aged between 5 and 15, do all of their work at school on Apple's magic tablet - and then take them home to do their homework as well (and presumably kill a few baddies on Zombie Infection HD).

The move was the idea of IT teacher Fraser Speirs who explained to The Daily Record that the school carried out extensive research beforehand, in order to give the pupils the best equipment available.

"Each of the children will have their own iPad, which is hooked into the school's wireless network and from there they will use the computers for learning in different subjects", he said.

"They will obviously be able to use the internet for research but we've found that it solves major problems for us - especially in science subjects as now they can watch experiments that would be too dangerous to do in class on YouTube.

"They will also be able to look at pre-approved websites for lessons in English, maths, languages and history".

In Pocket-lint's school-days you were lucky if you got to use a Casio calculator, never mind a multimedia, hi-tech piece of equipment like an iPad. Our school's idea of hi-tech equipment was rolling out the solitary BBC Micro.

Kids these days eh?