Last week we thought it was pretty cool that Squeeze keyboardist Stephen Large used an iPad as a musical instrument live on US network TV.

A few weeks back we thought that is was pretty amazing how David Jon Kassan knocked up an absolutely brilliant portrait using Brushes on his iPad.

But to see a Hollywood director using an iPad on the set of a Blockbuster movie, well - that's the sort of PR dream that the Cupertino brainstormers would have been praying for, in what has been a difficult few weeks for Apple.

The film in question is Transformers 3, where director Michael Bay was spotted running through a scene with actor Patrick Dempsey with his iPad.

At least, the general consensus was that he was running though a scene - for all we know he could have actually been showing Dempsey that his Weather HD app was predicting showers for the afternoon.

Have you spotted an iPad, or any other piece of popular tech, being used in a cool way? If so, we'd love to hear about it.