Do you remember when Mike Stevens, director of Telecoms Media and Technology at Simpson Carpenter, claimed that the iPad would be a flop in the UK, and that its initial sales would be to "an impulsive minority [who] will simply have to have it".

Well, a tiny fraction of that impulsive minority was still queuing outside the Apple Store in Regent Street, London at 3.15pm on launch day, 7 hours after the doors opened. And an Apple Store steward for the day has told us that a mere 2000 plus members of that impulsive minority had been through the doors of just that one shop in the morning.

Indeed, doing the maths, that equates to over £1 million in sales (taking into account that each person spent, on average, £500). In one store. In one city.

Now, does that sound like a flop to you?

Or does it sound like cash registers kerchinging up and down the country?