The Apple iPad has officially gone on sale in the UK today, and with it making the internet tablet a genuine tour de force in the home. But don't panic, whether you've already bought one or not, we've got you covered with a round up of all the coverage on Pocket-lint over the last couple of months. 

Then there is the five things you should know about the iPad when your mates ask you about it down the pub and how the iPad compares to the iPod touch (yes it is just an giant version), or what it looks like with our extensive hands-on photo gallery and what it looks like on the inside.

If you are still undecided once you've read our review then check out our is the iPad right for you checklist followed by our Should I buy an iPad? quiz that will pose you a series of questions for you to determine whether you actually need one or are just being caught up in the hype.

If the answer to you getting one is yes, you'll need to make sure you protect it. You'll probably also want some iPad accessories also, and while these are thin on the ground currently, Apple will quell your urge with docking stations and the like.

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If you've gone for the 3G version you might also want to make sure you're signing up to the best data package. That means checking out our O2 vs Orange vs Vodafone - the battle of the iPad data plans feature. If that sounds too expensive you could always hack a mini SIM out of your current SIM in an attempt to save costs and skirt around having to pay for two data connections. Here's how to Create your own iPad micro-SIM.

The next step is to fill your iPad with apps, as on opening the box you'll soon find that you don't have any installed to play with. We've been busy over the last couple of months testing the best apps to help you in a variety of ways and help you make the most out of your iPad.

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If you don't like playing by the rules you could always opt to expand your possibilities by Jailbreaking your new internet tablet.

Our iPad coverage is continuing to grow and you can follow all the latest news, reviews of accessories, apps and much more via our dedicated iPad homepage on Pocket-lint.

So bookmark the page, visit back often or sign up to the iPad RSS feed to make sure you stay on top of the game with Apple's latest product.

Oh, and if you really want an iPad, but the budget won't stretch you could always opt to make one out of paper instead.