According to the UPS delivery guy who arrived at 9.28am Thursday 27 May, I am the very first person to receive my pre-ordered iPad. To quote, "congratulations, you're the first to be delivered".

It seems that the hoo-hah surrounding slipped pre-orders of the Apple device has been limited to those ordering after the initial first day, when the order form started to show 7 June as the expected delivery. Those who ordered on day one are starting to get their iPads an entire day earlier than the official launch date.

Along with the iPads themselves, the SIM cards ordered from the Apple Store are also turning up. I ordered an Orange SIM, for the extra 20p on the pre-order form, and it's now residing in my 32GB 3G + Wi-Fi slab of sexiness, ready to be activated.

So, how do I feel holding my brand new iPad? Well, apart from taking photos and giggling like a school kid with a mouth full of Space Dust, I've still got to charge it before use. The waiting continues. But it's much sweeter than before.

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Also, have you got yours yet? Was the delivery guy lying, and you received your pre-ordered UK iPad before the time above? If so, let us know in the comments below...