People who are only just deciding to buy an iPad online in the UK are likely to have to wait 'till "mid-June" before getting their new shiny tablet, Apple has confirmed.

Although Apple has said that there will be stock in stores for the Friday launch, it looks to be struggling to keep up with the demand for pre-orders online.

Those quick on the draw on the 10 May, when the pre-order system went live, need not panic as they will still be getting the tablet computer on this Friday, however those placing an order from today are now being told a rather vague "June" rather than a specific date as was the case last week.

When we phoned the Apple store for clarification, we were told that due to high demand Apple had removed any specific dates and wasn't expecting to get stock until "mid June" although they couldn't put a precise date on actual availability.

Apple had already pushed back new orders for the iPad from 28 May to the 7 June in an attempt to cope with demand, but even those orders seem to be in jeopardy on making their delivery date, with the Apple rep we spoke to saying that those orders would be delivered some time on the "8th, 9th, 10th" rather than being received on the 7 June.

New orders will be even later.

Worse still, unless you are looking to brave the crowds early, and we mean early, our Apple rep recommended against queuing; "Queuing up is pretty pointless unless you are going to go really early", we were told.

Good news for Apple, as it works to prove the device is a success, but expect trouble getting one straight away if you've only just decided you want one for yourself.