For those that simply can't wait to get their sticky ones on the Apple iPad, help is at hand from a few UK-serving online retailers who're sourcing US iPads and flogging them over here.

The 16, 32 and 64GB Wi-Fi only iPads are available from Simply Electronics and Purely Gadgets. The former is selling them at £549.95, £649.95 and £749.95 with free delivery within 1-2 business days as shown above, and the latter at £689.99, £785.99 and £869.99 plus £5 delivery on each.

While you might be tempted to pick one up from Simply Electronics, do be warned that a US iPad will require US payments if you're looking to access the iTunes App Store from your non-UK iPad, meaning that you'll need a US bank account or US credit card to buy your apps direct to the device.. American Express does not count.

As it goes, the iPad is due to launch some time this month, so your best bet would be to hang on a couple of weeks and in the mean time, check that you really do want one.