Apple's iPad has gone on sale in the US with thousands of fans clambering to pre-order the new tablet from the Cupertino-based company's website.

Americans will be able to buy the new "bigger" iPod touch from the Apple store, however UK customers looking to do the same in the UK will be disappointed. Apple has yet to announce pricing or availability in the UK aside from it is expected late-April.

UK customers looking to pre-order one for delivery before the official UK announcement will be able to do so as long as they can have it sent to a US address first. 

The good news is that UK Customs and Excise classes the iPad the same as a laptop and therefore it will not be subject to import duty. It will, however, be subject to UK VAT as it is over £145.

The price you pay will largely depend on where you buy it in the US, as you'll still have to pay sales tax in the US on top of VAT, which varies from state to state.

If you are looking to save a few pennies you need to find a friend that lives in New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon or Delaware as those states don't have general sales tax. Failing that, the next best states are Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana as they will only add 4% on to the bill. 

If your friend lives in New Jersey, New York or California expect to pay up to an additional 8.75% on top of the price of the model you buy. 

Put those numbers on the entry-level 16GB model and the price of getting it a month early can range from £415 including postage if you buy it in New Hampshire to £450 if you buy it in California.

Alternatively Bundlebox, a service that allows you to send products to a US address is offering to buy iPads for customers and ship them to the UK within 3 working days for £465.

If you're lucky enough to be stateside, pre-order is now available from the Apple Store. You can check out all the latest iPad news via our dedicated iPad homepage, as well as read our Apple iPad tablet - First Look review from the launch.