Fan's of Apple's iPad have, after pouring over the new commercial shown during the Oscars on Sunday, found a number of titbits for those not patient enough to wait until 3 April.

Gleaned from individual frames in the advert, those that care, have caught a glimpse of iBookstore pricing, that documents are possibly stored in a "My documents" folder and that it might still pack a camera that we haven't been told about.

Those willing to press pause at the right moment will find that books will cost between $7.99 and $14.99 when they launch on the 3 April - something that has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

Elsewhere, besides lacking a voice over, a My Documents tab at the top of the screen at one point suggests that files could be stored in a very PC way allowing for quick and easy access.

Finally, and this is where you wonder how long someone actually took to look over the individual slides, one of the shots shows what could be a camera or sensor.