Apple is facing a legal threat from more than just Fujitsu over its new iPad as news comes in that a Chinese company is considering a lawsuit.

Rather than the name being the issue, as it is in the Fujitsu case, it's the iPad's design that is causing controversy.

Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial considers the iPad to be rather similar to its P-P-P88 tablet launched last year.

In a slightly ironic twist the Chinese company is a clone maker making "shanzhai" or knock-off versions of popular mobile phones.

"For this thing we are not shanzhai, because we were first", Wu, a company representative told the IDG news service, as reported by PC World.

The P-P-P88 is an Atom-powered tablet PC. In terms of similarity to the iPad it offers a 10-inch display (the iPad's screen is 9.7-inches) and a black bezel with touches of chrome.

It's hard to see how different you could make a minimalist black tablet device with a touchscreen, but maybe Shenzhen GLBI has something up its sleeve other than aesthetics.

We'll let you know if this turns from rumblings to a full-blown lawsuit.