Apple has confirmed that it will be launching the Wi-Fi enabled version of the iPad in the UK in March although has failed to set a price for the new tablet outside of the US. 

With pricing starting from $499 for the 16GB version and moving up through to to $599 for the 32GB model and then $699 for the 64GB in the US, at today's exchange rates that would equal £309, £371 and £432 it the same prices carried over to Great Britain.

There is "no international pricing yet" an Apple spokewomen told Pocket-lint following the launch of the iPad.  

As for the 3G version, Apple is clearly looking for mobile phone operators to help lower the cost with the possibility of the handset being offered for a heavily reduced cost in the UK if consumers were willing to sign up to a lengthy contract. 

“The Wi-Fi version will ship worldwide in March,” a spokesperson told Techcrunch Europe, but she added, “Watch this space for Wi-Fi plus 3G”.

Virtually all the operators in the UK offer subsidised laptops or netbooks of some sort and with Vodafone, O2 and Orange all offering the iPhone in the UK the iPad could be offered in a similar way to other "connected" devices.

In the US Apple is hoping to tease people in with the promise of a reduced data package with an Open approach rather than tied to an exclusive operator.

We will keep you posted.