As the Apple rumour mill continues to reach fever pitch over the launch of what is expected to be the Apple iTablet on Wednesday 27 January, the latest claim is that the device, which has still yet to be confirmed don't forget, will look something very similar to the image above.

"Of all the mockups and renderings that have surfaced on the Web attempting to depict what the final product will look like, the rendition created by Flickr user last August is strikingly close to the real deal, those same people say. It would be more precise, they add, if it weren't missing a handful of design elements of the iPhone", reports Appleinsider after talking to those in the know.

According to "those in the know" who seem to be talking to everyone from the Wall Street Journal to anyone who will listen, the iTablet, iPad, iBook or whatever it will be called, will look like the original iPhone but with some of the new features from the iPhone 3GS added in for good measure.

Missing here is the home button and speaker grills, as well as the 30-pin dock connector and a headphone jack, but hey, it's still vapourware so who's counting.

With under a week until the big announcement, expect a healthy dose of "sources close to the product", those "familiar with the matter", and our favourite "secret squirrels" to be coming out of the woodwork no doubt pretending to be Steve Jobs himself. 

You can follow all the Apple action via our dedicated Apple homepage, as well as our coverage from the event next week.

We will keep you posted.