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(Pocket-lint) - There might be a new Android tablet hitting the market from an unlikely source.

Walmart, the major US-based retailer, is reportedly preparing to release a new tablet device under its ONN brand, according to a report from Bloomberg. While Walmart has dipped its toes into the hardware market in the past, most notably with the release of its underwhelming Overpowered brand of gaming laptops last year, the tablet space does offer some upside to the retail behemoth.

The company is aiming its new device at the lowest end of the price spectrum for tablets, apparently, which would make Amazon’s Fire HD tablets its chief competitors. Those tablets go for as little as $49.99 for the Amazon Fire 7, and they're quite regularly discounted, too.

Like Amazon's tablets, the new Walmart device will run on Android. However, Amazon has its own version of Android on Fire tablets, making some apps unavailable and the user experience somewhat clunky to those who prefer pure Android. If Walmart has a better Android build (unlikely) or uses stock Android (also unlikely), it could actually steal some of the Fire tablet consumer base.

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The Bloomberg report claimed the tablet is expected to be aimed at children. We would assume that means a premium would be put on making the new tablets hard to break while featuring plenty of parental control features. So far, the FCC has approved of at least one of Walmart’s new tablets, too, meaning that we could see the device launched in the near future. Just don't expect it to unseat the iPad.

It'll likely be more of a great bargain for consumers looking to please their kid without breaking their bank accounts. We don’t have any word yet on a price point or expected launch date, but keeping checking back for more info.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 15 March 2019.