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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon's refreshed range of Fire tablets is now available to buy.

Amazon announced it was making a couple of updates to its family of Fire tablets in May, updating the new Fire 7 and dropping the price of the refreshed Fire HD 8.

The Fire 7 tablet, that's the smallest of the bunch, has a new display. The display doesn't change in size or resolution, but Amazon says there have been changes at the pixel level to make the display clearer and sharper, and to boost the contrast. The body is now thinner and lighter, but with a slightly extended 8-hour battery life. 

The Fire 7 comes in four colours, black, blue, red and yellow. The price remains the same at £49.99 for the 8GB storage option with Amazon's "special offers", which is basically lock screen advertising. 

The Fire has been the best-selling tablet in Amazon's Fire family and we're not surprised: it's durable, it's affordable, and it makes a great buy if you're after a tablet for home or travels.

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The Fire HD 8 has also had an update, again with new colours and is now faster than the version it replaces. This larger tablet is now even more tempting as Amazon has reduced the price, so it will start from £79.99, £10 cheaper than it previously was.

Amazon is also offering a kids version of both these tablets, for the first time offering the Fire HD 8 with a bumper cover, 2-year warranty and a 1-year subscription to Kindle for Kids Unlimited. 

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Finally for those in the UK, Alexa for tablets will be available soon, meaning you can ask your tablet to do a whole range of things, like turn your lights off, play music, set timers or read you the daily news. The roll-out to exiting tablets will be starting on 8 June and will take a couple of weeks to complete. 

Writing by Chris Hall.